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  1. g for both the ambitious beginner and competitive athlete. Crossfit athletes, become the athlete you want to be
  2. CROSSFIT COACHES: WORKOUT TEMPLATES Bergeron uses a weekly template for all of his Athletes, but adapts accordingly for their goals, motivations and abilities. 'Let the meat and potatoes of your program be your couplets and triplets, go long once a week, and go heavy one to two times per week.
  3. g a CrossFit workout, a skilled has many different options available at his or her disposal. At the heart of every CrossFit workout is safety and efficacy. But a really good workout has something more. Something that makes the workout exciting to do, tough to finish
  4. g Greg Glassman 1 of 5 Introduction The October 2002 issue of The CrossFit Journal entitled What is Fitness? explores the aims and objectives of our program. Most of you have a clear understanding of how we implement our program through familiarity with the Workout of the Day (WOD) from our website. What is likely less clear is the rationale behin

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- Chris Kidd, CrossFit Conroe, Texas. Warrior Programming laid the foundations to allow me to excel when undertaking military training. I was both more mentally & physically robust, which made the transition from civilian to soldier much less arduous. Paul went above and beyond to ensure the programmed training was specific to my needs and supported me throughout my journey. I could not. Scaling: Choose a dumbbell weight that allows you to work diligently through the Turkish get-ups, completing the reps in 2-3 sets. Similarly, choose a rope climb modification that is challenging but allows you to keep moving. Intermediate Option: 3 rounds for time: 12 left-hand Turkish get-ups Damit auch unser CrossFit Programming weit über die Ländergrenzen hinaus nutzbar ist, haben wir uns auch hier für die international meist gesprochene Sprache Entschieden: Englisch! Jeder, der regelmäßig CrossFit Classes besucht wird keine Probleme haben das Programm zu verstehen, auch wenn euer Englisch vielleicht nicht das Beste ist Fit durch Crossfit - dieses Training hat es in sich! Crossfit ist eine relativ neue Sportart, die mit jedem Tag populärer wird. Eine Crossfit Box, quasi das Fitness Studio für CrossFitter, ist mittlerweile in jeder Stadt zu finden.In diesem Artikel erfährst Du, worum es genau beim Crossfit geht und präsentieren Dir drei Workouts für deinen CrossFit Trainingsplan

Empfehlung Crossfit Programming, Krafttraining, Weightliftin. von Flops_vom_Hafen » 04 Jun 2018 01:40 . Hallo erfahrene Crossfit Community ich bräuchte mal eure Erfahrungen und Ratschläge. Erstmal zu mir ich bin m, 24 Jahre alt und hab vor drei Jahren im Fitnessstudio angefangen und nach 2 Jahren nicht strukturiertem rumgepumpe hab ich 1 Jahr lang die Team Andro Programme mit gemacht. Nach. CrossFit Programming. Im Thread WOD kam die Diskussion um das Programming in CrossFit auf. Wendler, Wendler + Olys, TM, TM mit Olys kombinieren oder was ganz anderes. Ich finde das Programming im CrossFit auf Grund der breit gefächerten Anforderungen sowohl sehr interessant als auch schwierig. Daher könnte man den Thread ja mal nutzen um Pro. Workout of the Day Learn More Monster Mash Workouts Learn More The Linchpin Tests Learn More Benchmark Workouts Learn Mor


CROSSFIT PROGRAMMING FOR COMPETITORS OF ALL LEVELS. Login. LEARN MORE. TRY free for 14 days . Our programs are designed to attack weaknesses and track down your personal goals. Combined with the power of the Misfit Community and our relentless creation of content, we believe these are the most thoughtful programs available. Are you ready to join the crew and see what you're capable of? SIGN UP. The Level 1 offers expert instruction on the CrossFit methodology through two days of classroom instruction, small-group training sessions, and coach-led workouts. The Level 1 environment and all aspects of the course are supportive of all levels of athletes, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced Crossfit Gewichtheben zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Große Auswahl an Crossfit Gewichtheben Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet - Not everyone who does CrossFit is preparing to compete. In my opinion, CrossFit programming is no different to programming for any other sport or sports competition. Sport evaluation Basically, the coach has to understand the analysis of the fundamental movement of the sport. The understanding of the required movements helps to Programming for Crossfit, and by that I mean competing in the Crossfit Games, presents many unique challenges due to the wide range of physical demands an athlete must be ready for and this issue is compounded by the fact that the athletes are unaware of the exact specifications of the events they will be participating in. A wide array of physical skills are necessary to exceed in Crossfit.

Dieses CrossFit Programm besticht durch eine ausgeglichene Kombination von Skill Work, Gymnastic Strength & Conditioning, Basic Strength & Get to the CrossFit Games with programming specialized for Masters CrossFit athletes, ages 35+. CoAChing Mentorship. Find your path to becoming a better coach with a mentorship program that's designed for you. LEARN MORE . We strive to offer the best CrossFit programming to our online community. Our mission is to provide the highest quality online programming, support & education to our. KRYPTON RUNNING. 3-4 running specific workouts per week. Build speed and aerobic capacity. Designed for your affiliate, specifically based off programming from CrossFit Krypton. Warm ups, strength, workouts, coaches tips, scaling options, etc Ausschließlich der CrossFit Level 1 Kurs von CrossFit erlaubt es Ihnen den Titel CrossFit-Trainer zu führen. Die Anmeldung zu offiziellen Die Anmeldung zu offiziellen Veranstaltungen kann nur über CrossFit.com oder durch eine E-Mail mit Ihrer Anfrage an seminars@crossfit.com erfolgen

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We see this as one of the biggest problems with many CrossFit programs — there are just too many workouts packed into one session. Our session plans are written by coaches for coaches, so we don't pack a session so full that coaches can't do what they do best: coach. We program for decades of fitness, not just right here, right now. This is a long game. Read more Latest from our. Yeah it does say it's 6 days of programming. With 60-90 minute sessions, with an additional 30-60 minutes of extra work for competitive Crossfit athletes. 2+ hours is plenty of training for the average person who will be purchasing

Programming for Competitive CrossFit. Programming to look & feel good. Higher Education for Coaches. and future coaches. $59/mo. Cancel Anytime. Learn more > New TTT THROWDOWN announced every Thursday on YouTube. Compete against the entire TTT Community each Saturday via our free TTT Throwdown Leaderboard. Learn more > New episode every Wednesday morning. Brew some coffee and listen to us. 5 Programming Concepts from 5 Top Crossfit Coaches. Scene. May 12, 2017. Updated: September 18, 2018 . By Robbie Wild Hudson. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Crossfit Coaches: Jami Tikkanen with Annie Thorisdottir. JAMI TIKKANEN. Jami is famous as the Coach to 2x Crossfit Games winner Annie Thorisdottir, and runs 'The Training Plan'. Carl Paoli describes the plan as a. Programming for Crossfit Gymnastics This post gives a relatively brief insight into our philosophy, approach and structure that we use at Jacked Gymnastics, Programming for Crossfit Gymnastics. Artistic Gymnastics vs. Crossfit Specific Gymnastics I have written a separate post on the differences between Artistic Gymnastics and Crossfit Gymnastics so I won't go into the specifics here but in.

The following program is scaled down to more of a starter program. Each week will include the following: 3 days of strength, 3 days of Crossfit and 3 days of sport-specific training. Click here to view the 12-Week CrossFit Endurance Advanced Training Program. Runners, Cyclists & Swimmers. This is also a starter schedule. Ideally my athletes. Then I started an homemade fitness program where I would do HIIT-like training, for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. And last, I added running. It was the hardest part, cause I hate running. So theses last 3 months I was able to do 1 hour of running, and 30 minutes of fitness per day and rest the day after. And I decided it was time to start Crossfit. CrossFit Mentality's program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect program for any committed individual, regardless of age or experience. Workload and intensity are scaled, but the program itself is never changed. Something that separates Crossfit Mentality from other gyms in the area is our facility. Mentality has the largest CrossFit facility in the Mentor area at. Crossfit Trainingspläne wie Filthy Fifty, Cindy, Angie und Murph plus Vorteile zum Crossfit-Workout. Der Crossfit Trainingsplan für Anfänger mit den besten Übungen für zu Hause oder bei dir in der Box - powered von unseren Crossfit Experten CrossFinest Trier Wendler + CrossFit (my current programming) UPDATE: I now only use One Man One Barbell [**UPDATE**: Below is what I originally wrote, however, I found that the full Wendler program + CrossFit, while effective, is only good for a few cycles before you are overtaxing your central nervous system and start to feel very mentally drained. That is why I created One Man One Barbell, as it is more.

Box Programming provides CrossFit coaches with everything they need to run an efficient class every single day of the week. Our daily lesson plans include warmups, strength or skill work, metcons, cooldowns, and whiteboard briefs to help your coaches relay the WHY for the day. We believe that educated coaches are key to success with programming and aim to support them in any way we can. Our. Die besten 15 CrossFit workouts (WODs) für Anfänger. Wenn ein CrossFitter zum ersten Mal in Ihre Box bei CrossFit Berlin kommt, kann er durch den harten Ruf des Sports eingeschüchtert sein. Du kannst diese 15 grundlegenden CrossFit Wods üben, um Deinen den Einstieg in diesen ultra-fit Lebensstil zu erleichtern: Neue CrossFitter müssen nicht gleich in fortgeschrittene WODs starten, wenn.

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The CrossFit Programming Course is designed for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the elements that create a successful CrossFit program. After working through the course, the user will better understand: -The key elements of variance and how to use them -How to successfully build a single workout -How to best create the next workout in a series of workouts -How to test a program. RAW Strength And Conditioning provides elite fitness programming for individual athletes and gyms. We focus on developing the fundamental skill sets required to excel in the strength, power and endurance sports. RAW Strength And Conditioning is committed to providing high quality coaching and programming through knowledgeable coaches who are at. Killing the Fat Man: Season 2, Episode 8. Gary Roberts returns to reclaim his life HD six-packs, fat-burning workouts and intelligent programming are all promises CrossFit workouts can make, so if even you use one of your days away from the weights room for cardio, it would be.

CrossFit Workouts: The 10-Day Program to Get Stronger Day 1. Test: Establish your one-rep max for both back squat and strict shoulder press. Strength: Back Squat 6 sets x 6 reps: Back squat @ 70%. In the summer of 2012, we modified our group class programming format to include two levels of participation. We adopted this concept from several other CrossFit affiliates that had already started offering similar programming, and we implemented it out of our desire to best serve all our members. Almost immediately, we found that leveled options actually made both writing workouts and running. CrossFit Strength Program - Why and How to Strength Train for CrossFit CrossFit is an all-encompassing fitness training system designed to create the ultimate all-around athletes. Workouts include cardio, gymnastics, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and a host of other activities. A lot of CrossFitters may benefit from additional strength training. If you want to get stronger for.

Recommended T-Shirts - https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/letstalksense1Crossfit training for beginners, looking at some basic crossfit exercises that can be done.. Crossfit Übungen und Workout: Anfängerübungen für Zuhause oder das Fitnessstudio. Der perfekte Trainingsbegleiter! Das Trainingsworld Trainingstagebuch: von Sportlern für Sportler! Die folgenden zwei Trainingspläne bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit Crossfit sowohl zuhause oder in Ihrem Sportstudio auszuprobieren

Crossfit ist genau dein Sport, wenn du eine starke Community und krasse Challenges liebst. Wenn du einmal die richtige Box gefunden hast, wirst du ihr vermutlich lange treu bleiben und deinen Körper zu Höchstleistungen pushen. Jetzt ausprobieren. Unsere Empfehlung. Trainingsplan für sichtbare Bauchmuskeln In 12 Wochen zum Sixpack. 45-Seiten-Trainingsplan als PDF Übersicht über deine. Coach Glassman provides detailed charts and explains a 12-day cycle of CrossFit's programming This means that the CrossFit program is universally scalable, i.e., anyone can do it, and everyone should do it, especially your grandma. As CrossFit continues to grow in popularity, the theory of universal scalability is being proven in practice as the average age of participants in the program increases. We have a growing body of empirical data that shows that CrossFit applied with. From rigid, periodized strength and conditioning programs to old school CrossFit GPP programming, we've run it all. How do you create the best fitness program while also making it easy to coach and a great experience for members? After having experimented with a blend of everything mentioned above, we legitimately believe that the Misfit Affiliate program is our best affiliate program we.

CrossFit Football is a training program that leverages the known. When training for a sport, the requirements are very clear. Our goal is not to improve all physical attributes of fitness equally. Our intention is to improve the most vital biomarkers for ultimate suc-cess in that sport...Posture, Stability, Power, Speed, and the ability to move through space. We train the specialist. We don. Bodybuilding makes you big and strong. CrossFit builds power, agility, and endurance. Now, imagine what you would get if you combined the two, taking the multitude of CrossFit techniques used to maximize athleticism and added to them the old, reliable exercises bodybuilders employ to maximize aesthetics? The answer: This hybrid program, which promises to ge The variation keeps people guessing, and - generally speaking - is part of what makes CrossFit so alluring. In reality, our programming is very carefully structured as to ensure that clients are receiving the proper mix of training they need in each discipline, when they need it. Such structure helps ensure that our clients are ready for the challenges they'll face in upcoming Benchmark.

May 3, 2021 - Explore Brian Davis's board Crossfit workout program on Pinterest. See more ideas about crossfit workouts, workout, crossfit PROGRAMMING..... 37 GYMNASTICS & TUMBLING..... 41 A MESSAGE FROM TUCKER..... 51 Gymnastics Training Guide Gymnastics is a cornerstone of CrossFit, along with weight-lifting and monostructural metabolic-conditioning (or just monostructural) movements. It is an essential element in the Theoretical Hierarchy of Development of an athlete, the CrossFit pyramid (see What Is. That's why we've put together this guide to starting CrossFit, with everything you need to know about choosing the right gym, what to look for in a coach and how to make the programming work for you Du hast aber die Möglichkeit weiterhin CrossFit über unsere Zoom / Online Klassen zu machen. Termine für Zoom Meetings: Mo-Fr 18:30 - 19:15; Sa 10:00-10:45; Wenn du Interesse an den Zoom Klassen hast, dann kontaktiere uns einfach. Sobald wir wieder aufmachen dürfen, informieren wir dich hier. Wir freuen uns schon darauf, dich bald wieder in der Box begrüßen zu dürfen. Dein. Top Hounds.

Platinum CrossFit Programming is designed to be a complete preparation method for athletes thriving to compete at the CrossFit Games. The foundation of the plan is build around movement. Everything we do is geared towards increasing your work capacity to express perfect, efficient movement patterns regardless of the type or duration of the challenge. Investment in good mechanics won't only. CrossFit programming is decentralized, but its general methodology is used by thousands of private affiliated gyms, fire departments, law-enforcement agencies, and military organizations, including the Royal Danish Life Guards, as well as by some U.S. and Canadian high school physical education teachers, high school and college sports teams, and the Miami Marlins Thrive Kids Fitness Program will help kids strengthen their fitness foundations to build their confidence, problem solving skills, and health. Purposeful movement can help every kid unlock their potential and THRIVE. Looking for an alternative to the Crossfit Kids program? We would love to connect Rooks and Haley grab the mics after a fun I Go-You Go partner wod to talk about programming and the risk / reward calculation for CrossFit. 0:00 What are we drinking on this fine Sunday morning? 02:00 Sumo vs. Conventional Deadlifts 09:35 Russian vs. America

MBC Crossfit Program. 38 likes. To encourage our church members and others outside our walls, to make gradual lifestyles changes to ultimately make a healthier servant for Go In CrossFit training, the goal is always keep you body guessing, explains Courtney Roselle, Strength and Conditioning Coach, CF-L1 Trainer, and Founder of Iron Grace, a fitness program dedicated.

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In the process, CrossFit popularized many interesting concepts in both training culture and programming methodology and modalities. But in a way, the traditionalist CrossFit style of training ended up veering too far to the left of the foundational principles of effective strength and conditioning program design that have held true for nearly a century at this point through both research and. The Athlete Program is structured to ensure you peak when it matters, specifically in time for The CrossFit Games Open. Structured programming is paramount in building the complete athlete as mastering of all components will enhance your athletic performance. Here is an insight into our programming and your training. Metabolic Conditioning: An effective combination of the energy pathways will. Follow Conjugate Programming! CrossFit Conjugate . Home of CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course instructors, Shane and Laura Sweatt. Shane and Laura have taught the Course for 5 years, working with hundreds of CrossFitters from all over the world to make them better athletes. Their experience and success with marrying the Westside Conjugate Method with CrossFit has inspired them to open. CrossFit is a program designed around constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. CrossFit uses the most effective training methods from Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Cardio to create the best you, you can possibly be. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializingThink Liberal Arts vs Trade. online programming. MAYHEM BURGENER STRENGTH. ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM. START TRAINING NOW. Mayhem Burgener Strength. Shop merch now. course offerings. WEIGHTLIFTING LEVEL 1 . The Weightlifting L1 Course objective is to teach coaches and athletes how to teach and perform the snatch, clean, jerk - safely, efficiently and effectively. Come spend 2 days with the Burgener Strength Team dialing in.

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Power Speed Endurance is a specific endurance training program dedicated to improving skill, performance, and overall potential. We coach and provide our community with the most comprehensive solutions and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training protocols. Skip to content . JOIN THE TEAM. Blog; Search for: Power Speed Endurance Home Mike. Effective Programming Strategies for CrossFit Affiliates. In our popular article The Benefits of Leveled Programming , we discussed how CFSBK offers two different levels of programming to accommodate the varied needs and goals of our athletes. Fitness programming is a more basic version of the day's WOD, while Performance caters to our. CrossFit - the program on the website and the methods taught at their certs - is Exercise, not Training. Exercise is physical activity for its own sake, a workout done for the effect it produces today, during the workout or right after you're through. Training is physical activity done with a longer-term goal in mind, the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to. Because of the variation of CrossFit workouts, if you're not programming them long term, you can use a more intuitive approach to loading in the lifts. This can be done by working gradually up to the heaviest weight you can do well on that day, whether it's for singles, doubles or triples. After hitting the day's max lift, if you need more work, you can drop the weight 5-15% and do a few.

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Programming for Competitive CrossFit (CCF) Programming for General Fitness Competence with tasks native to popular sport (i.e., throwing, sprinting, changing direction, tossing to target, striking with object, carrying, etc) Metabolic conditioning using specific modalities common to competitive CrossFit in narrow time domains rarely over 7 minutes but occasionally as long as 20 minutes and as. 06.19.2021 | Workout of the Day. 3 Intervals, each for time: 400m run. 12 Bar-facing Burpees. 9 Deadlifts, 70% 1RM. 6 Ring Muscle-ups. 1:1-1:2 Work-to-Rest Ratio. *Want a 30-day free trial of the Linchpin Private Track? Get full access to warm-ups, scaled options, accessory work, goal times, dumbbell workouts, At-Home workouts, lifting programs.

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CrossFit Physicians are medical doctors who have taken and passed the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Cours WOD Programming: Andrew Durham: Running a CrossFit Facility: 27: 10-09-2009 04:22 AM: Input on programming a WOD. Austin Duke: Workout of the Day: 13: 07-28-2009 07:14 PM: WoD Programming: Randy Tarasevich: Workout of the Day: 2: 10-08-2007 06:16 AM: Method for extra-WOD work: Peter Galloway: Workout of the Day : 25: 03-02-2005 08:26 PM: All times are GMT -7. The time now is 07:03 PM. Contact.

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© 2021 CrossFit, LLC. CrossFit, Fittest on Earth, 3...2...1...Go! CrossFit Games, and Sport of Fitness are trademarks of CrossFit, LLC in the U.S. and/or other. CrossFit ist ein Wettkampfsport und eine Fitnesstrainingsmethode, die von dem gleichnamigen US-amerikanischen Unternehmen vertrieben wird und unter anderem Gewichtheben, Sprinten, Eigengewichtsübungen sowie Turnen miteinander verbindet. Ziel ist es, die Trainierenden in zehn verschiedenen Fitnessdisziplinen ausgewogen zu entwickeln: Ausdauer (kardiovaskuläre bzw Push Jerk is a CrossFit based strength and conditioning program. Daily weight training workouts are posted for athletes of all levels. Improving fitness every day is the goal. Search for: Wed, Jun 16, 2021. June 15, 2021 June 3, 2021 by Lead Programmer. Warm-up • 400 m Run. 3 rounds: • 7 Jumping Jacks • 7 Mountain Climbers • 7 Barbell Thrusters 45/35# 3 rounds: • 30 sec Spiderman. CrossFit Foundations Program. Paul's built-from-scratch personal training program to help you master the CrossFit Foundations Exercises. Leverage the power of CrossFit - scaled to you. Available in our personal training service and a program-only option. Joining a CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or TRX class can be intimidating CrossFit also places a major emphasis on high-intensity, constantly-varied conditioning, in a competitive atmosphere that rewards a faster performance or more work within a given period of time. This results in a lot of soreness and accumulated fatigue, an effect that many CrossFitters come to identify as the prize for doing the program

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Home - CrossFit. Liebe Mitglieder, liebe Kunden, aus Sicherheitsgründen öffnen wir ab 19. Mai vorerst nur OUTDOOR und ab 31. Mai mit OPEN GYM Stunden INDOOR unsere Türen. Infos & News zu unseren Trainings, Outdoor Locations und Anmeldung, erhaltet ihr über E-Mail und Facebook. Alle Stunden sind wie gewohnt über MindBody buchbar CROSSFIT PROGRAM. CrossFit Our 60 minute workouts offer a combination of functional movements - everything from cardio, gymnastics to power lifting and Olympic lifting. Every day brings something new and challenging, so get ready to get after it every day. If you're looking to be challenged everyday and you're tired of the same old routine at your traditional gym, everyone wears headphones. I have been coaching CrossFit since 2014 and have been guiding Yoga for Athletes programs throughout the Triangle since 2013. People from all walks of life can benefit from CrossFit communities and programs, and that by training with the intention of compassion and self-care, all goals can be met

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The program works for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years. CrossFit workouts are different every day and can be modified to help each athlete achieve their goals. The workouts may be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness. In CrossFit workouts, intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness. There. CrossFit programs can be truly random, and an inexperienced coach can accidentally program back-to-back workouts that use the same muscle groups in the same way, not giving you enough time to recover. On every CrossFit gym's website, there's usually a blog where they post the workout of the day. Look over this for the gym you want to check out and see what they typically do. If they do. Crossfit. Ständig variierende funktionelle Bewegungen auf hoher Intensität. Ein Mix aus bekannten Sportarten - von Übungen aus dem Gewichtheben bis hin zum klassischen Cardio-Workout - bringt dich unter Anleitung eines top Trainer-Teams aufs nächste Fitnesslevel. 02 Basics. Hier erlernst du die Basisübungen aus dem Kraft-, Ausdauer- und Calesthenics-Sport, um auch im härtesten.

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Wiener Gemeindebezirk. Im Triller CrossFit erwartet dich stattdessen vorrangig Training mit dem eigenen Körper, mit Kettlebells, Kurz-­ und Langhanteln, Ringen, Klimmzugstangen, Medizinbällen, Ski-­, Ruder-­ oder Bike­Ergometern und vielem mehr. Weder deiner noch unserer Kreativität werden durch CrossFit Grenzen gesetzt Bantam CrossFit offers CrossFit programs to the Purcellville community. We offer classes and programs for ages 10 and up. Skip to content. PROGRAMS; PRICING; CONTACT US; BOOK NOW; Programs zpthemetest 2020-09-18T14:52:51+00:00. Programs & Classes. CrossFit for Everyone. At Bantam CrossFit we welcome seniors, children over 10, moms and dads, and elite athletes. Everyone performs the same. DTC CrossFit's programming efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High-Intensity Cardio. This produces undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; our programs offer CrossFit in Denver Tech Center for beginners, elite athletes, and everyone in between. There isn't a strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a. Trainings Programme OnRamp In unserem OnRamp Programm erlernst du die Fundamente von CrossFit. In 4 einzelnen Stunden bringen wir Dir das nötige Grundverständnis über die CrossFit Methode inklusive der Fundamentalen Bewegungen, adäquate Warm-Ups und Cool-Downs bei. Am Ende jeder Stunde machst du ein kurzes Workout. Die Workouts werden selbstverständlich deinem aktuellen Fitness Level.

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