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Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions as investor makes and it is often a long-term game. During times of market turmoil, we encourage clients to review their risks in light of their objectives to help them be best prepared for what lies ahead. Our latest paper European Asset allocation Insights 2020 provides a comprehensive overview of investment strategy across the European pension industry and identifies emerging trends in the behaviour of 927 institutional investors.

allocation between and within asset classes? The Mercer study has helped clarify our thinking on some of these uncertainties. In our view, the report makes an original contribution by giving financial meaning to recognised climate science (Stern, IPCC) and provides ideas on constructing portfolios acknowledging climate trends. It also raise This year's edition of Mercer's European Asset Allocation Survey gathered data from over 800 institutional investor clients across 12 European countries, reflecting total assets of around €1 trillion. The survey provides a comprehensive overview of investment strategy across the European pension industry and attempts to identify emerging trends in.

Mercer's Asset Allocation Insights 2020 report analyzes US$5.2 trillion in retirement plan assets across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia to help investors benchmark their portfolios in search of better outcomes. For Latin America specifically, we cover plans with US$863 billion in assets. The asset allocation is positioned conservativel Der Mercer Asset Allocation Survey zeigt auch, dass die Allokationen in Absolute-Return-Strategien, wie z. B. Hedgefonds, wieder zunehmen. Waren im Vorjahr noch 33 Prozent der befragten Investoren in Hedge-Fonds engagiert, so sind es jetzt 37 Prozent. Der US-Basiszins steigt und die Gebühren sind gesunken. Zudem steigen mehr und mehr Investoren direkt bei einzelnen Hedgefonds ein, statt über Dachfonds zu gehen, und sparen sich so den Großteil der Gebühren komplett. Damit. understood. The Mercer study is an important step in channelling scientific and regulatory insights on climate change into the investment process and could become a standard toolbox for the strategic asset allocation. Karsten Löffler, Managing Director, Allianz Climate Solutions GmbH The multi-scenario, forward-lookin

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The most important decision for an investor is asset allocation. Our team of capital markets experts and wealth management experts can provide our standard reference portfolios or work with you to build a customized suite of portfolios across the risk spectrum that reflect the unique circumstances of your client base Gwion Moore is our Head of Investment Strategy in the Pacific, responsible for strategic and dynamic asset allocation across Mercer's multi-asset funds. Ronan McCabe. Ronan McCabe is our Head of Portfolio Management within the Pacific. Ronan is responsible for leading manager selection and portfolio construction at the asset class level, for the Mercer Funds. Campbell McCulloch. Campbell. HIGH-LEVEL STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION BY COUNTRY Chart 4 shows the average allocation to broad asset categories, broken down by country. Plans in Belgium have the highest average allocation to equities, with a 45% allocation. This is closely followed by plans in Ireland and Sweden. UK plans have continued t

Asset Allocation Source: Mercer CHART 2: EXAMPLE RADAR CHART FOR AN ACTIVE CORE MULTI-ASSET STRATEGY GROWTH DEFENSIVE Traditional Beta Strategic Asset Allocation Underpin Diversification Exotic Credit Alternatives Funds/ Risk Premia Derivatives Hedges Tactical/Dynamic Asset Allocation Idiosyncratic Trades Indirect Hedges Tactical/Dynamic Asset Allocation. 5 MAKING SENSE OF MULTI-ASSET The. Der Mercer Asset Allocation Survey zeigt auch, dass die Allokationen in Absolute-Return-Strategien, wie z. B. Hedgefonds, wieder zunehmen. Waren im Vorjahr noch 33 Prozent der befragten Investoren in Hedge-Fonds engagiert, so sind es jetzt 37 Prozent. Der US-Basiszins steigt und die Gebühren sind gesunken As in previous years, Mercer's European Asset Allocation Survey provides a comprehensive overview of investment strategy across the European pension industry and identifies emerging trends in the behaviour of institutional investors. Many investors would like to forget 2018, as cash was one of the only assets to end the year wit According to Mercer's 2016 Asset Allocation Survey pension schemes are also seeking to manage volatility (especially in the more mature markets): average equity allocations across the region have reduced since the 2015 survey, with a corresponding increase in allocations to alternative assets Mercer launches its Asset Allocation Insights 2020, a report that provides insights on the asset allocation and investment trends impacting pension fund assets of almost US$5.2 trillion in AUM across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Mercer launched its Asset Allocation Insights 2020, a report that provides insights on the asset allocation and investment trends impacting pension fund assets of almost $5.2 trillion in assets under management (AUM) across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia When Mercer provides its views on asset allocation strategies that it believes may be appropriate to meet a clients needs, Mercer is not recommending that a client should invest or divest from any specific financial instrument or fund. Any decision to buy or sell a specific instrument or fund based on information provided by Mercer is the clients decision and should not be viewed as a. European Asset Allocation Report 2017. 10 July 2017. It is the 15 th year of the European Asset Allocation Survey, in which we provide you with a comprehensive overview of asset allocation trends across the European pension industry, covering 1,241 European institutional portfolios across 13 countries, with total assets of around €1.1 trillion Joining Mercer's Pacific Portfolio Management senior leadership team, Gwion will be responsible for leading asset allocation decision making, both strategic and dynamic, for the Mercer Pacific Funds. Mercer Pacific CIO Kylie Willment said Gwion's appointment strengthens the capabilities of the Portfolio Management team Strategic Asset Allocation: ESG's new frontier 6 Mercer (2019). Investing in a Time of Climate Change -The Sequel 7 Schroders, (May 2019). The practical considerations of ESG in multi asset portfolio

Asset allocation is one of the most important decision an investor makes, and thorough assessment of risks is critical to constructing a portfolio that will seek to meet your objectives and attempt to manage the risks that are important to you. While it is not the time for knee-jerk reactions, it is a good time to review your risks in light of your objectives and your asset allocation. This year's allocation insights 2020 report helps you do exactly that Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation identifies the potential sources of risks under various probable scenarios, and it shows that it is essential to measure, monitor and manage these risks over time to protect the long-term assets that institutional investors oversee on behalf of their stakeholders

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Gwion Moore is our Head of Investment Strategy in the Pacific, responsible for strategic and dynamic asset allocation across Mercer's multi-asset funds. Ronan McCabe. Ronan McCabe is our Head of Portfolio Management within the Pacific. Ronan is responsible for leading manager selection and portfolio construction at the asset class level, for. Mercer's fiduciary management solution is designed for clients who want to delegate some or all of their decisions. Our specialist investment managers develop customized strategic allocation advice and provide continuous governance and portfolio oversight

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  1. Mercer's Delegated Solutions are provided to a broad range of institutional investors including pension funds, endowments and foundations as well as other investors. Delegated Solutions combines customized strategic asset allocation advice with a robust multi-manager investment structure
  2. Our strategic asset class views show our asset class preferences over a 10-year horizon relative to a long-term, cycle-agnostic equilibrium asset allocation. We also contrast our strategic preferences with representative multi-asset portfolios in the U.S., euro area and UK. Based on our cyclical views and current market valuations, asset classes may be more or less favorable compared with a.
  3. For investment managers, the performance evaluation tool enables comprehensive analysis of institutional track records against competitors, Mercer universes or market indices. The analytical capabilities of MercerInsight®, in combination with professional charts and graphs, makes this a powerful presentation package in communicating with their investors

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In her new role, Holden is responsible for Mercer's manager and strategic research, overseeing a more than 100 asset-class specialists across liquid alternatives, fixed income and equities. She also now manages the teams responsible for strategic asset allocation, dynamic asset allocation, strategic research and responsible investing which support Mercer's full range of client solutions. Mercer's Strategic Asset Allocation Report Available from Agriculture 2.0 Our year-round online community is currently sharing ideas and educating themselves on new strategies and hot-button issues surrounding global water and agriculture investments. Ag 2.0 followers have access to the #AgChat podcast series, as well as special speaker-driven content from reports and white papers and more. 1 Mercer, The Sequel 2019 2 AXA IM is involved in two collective research projects on the topic of Sustainable Strategic Asset Allocation with the UNPRI (see « Embedding ESG issues into strategic asset allocation frameworks: Discussion paper », September 2019) and the French Sustainable Investment Forum (French SIF) that should come up with next collective publications later this summer.

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Mercer report regarding the implications of climate change for strategic asset allocation? To paraphrase some of Mercer's key findings: • Climate policy is a significant source of portfolio risk for institutional investors to manage over the next 20 years and could contribute as much as 10% to overall portfolio risk; • Mitigating climate change risks will require a new approach for. Strategic Asset Allocation Analysis Gobierno de Chile - Ministerio de Hacienda Services Provided by Mercer Investment Consulting, Inc. 3 Sensitivity analysis was performed by re-optimizing for both Funds in CLP terms. This sensitivity analysis confirmed Mercer's view that the contents of the recommende

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to impact Asian markets, here's what to watch out for, in particularly to currencies and Strategic Asset Allocation I said that I could do asset allocation, that was one of the other things that I like doing. So I've had a number of roles, including looking after the REITs and infrastructure and creating the strategic asset allocation process at Colonial First State over the years, which I have been running for the last five to six years Asset Allocation; Portfolio management; Studies show that Asset Allocation is the most important determinant of long term performance. Oakham worked with Mercer Investment Consultants as a strategic adviser to support its investment research and portfolio construction functions. Mercer advised Oakham on strategic asset allocation, dynamic investment market views, model portfolio construction. Reporting to Rich Nuzum, president, investments and retirement, Ms. Holden is responsible for Mercer's manager and strategic research and oversees more than 100 asset class specialists across. Bis 2020, Principal, Team Lead, Mercer Deutschland Logg Dich jetzt ein, um das ganze Profil zu sehen. Strategic Asset Allocation. Credit Risk Modeling. Asset Liability Management. Risk Overlay. CFA. Fixed Income. Equities. Alternative Investments. Portfolio Structuring. Tactical Asset Allocation. Derivatives. Pension Funds. Portfolio Optimization. Capital Markets. Interest Rate Modeling.

Investment consultant specialising in strategic reviews, asset allocation, manager selection and spending policies Investment Consultant at Mercer View profile View profile badge Internal service specialist for Mercer's integrated funding tracker/risk modelling tool (PFaroe). Show more Show less Broad ranging investment advice to DB/DC pension plans with assets up to £500m, including strategic asset allocation, investment manager research/selection, implementation and monitoring. Managed the risk modelling team, including oversight on ALM/VaR exercises and.

In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user Pavilion, a Mercer Practice, In addition to quarterly meeting materials, the Senior Associate will have a large role in 1) developing the strategic asset allocation and 2) selecting and. 4 Mercer European Asset Allocation Insights 2020. 5 See Gold and climate change: Current and future impacts, October 2019. 6 See the demand and supply section at Goldhub.com. 7 Willis Towers Watson, Global Pension Assets Study 2020 and Global Alternatives Survey 2017, July 2017. 8 As of 31 December 2019. 9 As of 30 September 2020. 10 The performance is a blend of the pre-1999 euro performance.

As the year winds down, we recommend setting aside time to look beyond survival tactics and re-engage in some strategic thinking about your family business. Much like an asset manager would review the portfolio they have constructed with their client, family business directors should review the current asset allocation in their family business. Keywords: Tactical asset allocation; Strategic benchmarks; Active returns; Performance attribution JEL classification: G2; G23 * The authors gratefully thank Mercer Investment Consulting for the provision of the capital stable, balanced and growth fund performance and asset allocation dataset. David R. Gallagher gratefully acknowledges research funding from Mercer Investment Consul ting.

MERCER 7 6. RISK PROFILES & ASSET ALLOCATION For adviser use, we maintain five 'house' Risk Profiles through Mercer >IS<. The investment objectives for our current Risk Profiles are shown below. In developing underlying asset allocations for risk Profiles, we have drawn upon Mercer's latest strategic research and proprietary asset allocation how to integrate ESG in various asset classes; however, ESG research on a total portfolio level—or strategic asset allocation (SAA) level —is still very limited. As a . 2019 PRI. publication put it, the integration of ESG aspects in SAA is an area that has received relatively little coverage about what it should mean in practice1 Developed Virtual Tactical Allocation model using Bloomberg (Fortnightly Rebalancing). Author articles on various investment topics. Developed signal based dynamic equity protection strategies and currency Developed the Black Litterman quantitative Strategic Asset Allocation model for pension schemes to meet defined risk an Matthew Chan | Hong Kong SAR | Vice President/ Senior Investment Consultant at Mercer | - Advice banks and FIs on Client risk profiling questionnaire (CRPQ) and Product risk rating (PRR) - Construct Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) and model portfolios for pensions, endowments and MNCs - Experienced speaker in various conferences and events<br>- Formulate. Strategic Asset Allocation for a +1.5°C World: a proposed framework For professional clients only June 2020 Not for Retail distribution: This document is intended exclusively for Professional, Institutional, Qualified or Wholesale Clients / Investors only, as defined by applicable local laws and regulation. Circulation must be restricted accordingly. Responsible Investment Climate change is.

On the 11 th, 12 th & 26 th May 2021, we will bring together the community of German, Swiss, and Austrian based insurance professionals to scrutinise investment, asset allocation, investment operations, risk, cash management and economic issues that will dictate the future direction of investment in both the DACH region and global economy Liquidity is often the most overlooked risk in asset allocation. It provides oxygen to markets and seems ubiquitous when confidence is high, but can disappear in a flash when most needed. Cash is not a Long-Term Investment While how much liquidity is required is a strategic choice, how much liquidity is desired (in excess of that) is a function of a shorter-term or dynamic asset allocation. Pavilion A Mercer practice is looking for a Senior The Senior Associate is part of the client-facing investment team working to develop the strategic asset allocation and investment portfolios. They need to focus on their strategic decision-making. To do well in the markets in the long-term you have to be able to stomach long-term volatility. To get through that and maintain the course is pretty tough. Delegation solves real governance challenges and helps clients access investment opportunities, says Rich Nuzum, wealth leader, growth markets at Mercer. Although Mercer is a. Many translated example sentences containing strategic asset allocation - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations

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asset classes. Aberdeen Standard [2019]5 posits on how a well-constructed SAA ESG aligned portfolio would not nec-essarily result in lower expected returns and/or worse risk adjusted outcomes. Mercer [2019]6 specifically highlights the importance of analysing and mitigating Climate Change risks in asset allocation decision making, which we hav ASSET ALLOCATION Ray King Partner, Mercer Investments . Deriving a strategic asset allocation for alternatives 1. Capital Markets study 2. Massage allocation to alternatives a. Constrain b. Massage return/risk assumptions c. Artificially control 3. Outcome is overall SAA for alternatives and sub class SAAs to Private Equity, Infrastructure, Hedge Funds and Power Up An Alternative Asset. Complex strategic asset allocation. MERCER 06 December 2012 10 Mercer has been refining its asset allocation tools/processes Portfolio Structuring Toolkit (PST) Robust portfolio Assumptions Qualitative consultant input inc. DAA analysis Stochastic Projection Tools Dataset Likelihood of meeting objectives has more model risk Downside risk (CVaR, VaR) analysis Returns, Risks, Correlations Growth. the asset class have led to the availability of more liquid alternatives for these investments (see Figure 8). investors should consider the liquidity of their overall portfolio as part of the strategic asset allocation process/decision. Figure 8: Creating Balance in a Real Assets Portfolio Source: Mercer LIQUIDITY MODELLING AND ASSET ALLOCATION • Strategic asset allocation approach optimized for maximum risk-adjusted return • Sophisticated structure of academically validated strategies - risk premium investing, extensive diversification, and alternative investments • Broad range of allocations designed to meet the targeted needs of each individual clien

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Whether it's our global asset allocation team to handle big-picture strategic issues or our regional teams to handle local regulations, we're able to provide solutions that scale to our clients' needs. For multinational organizations, Mercer provides consistent management and execution regardless of the country or specialty If you think climate change is a real and present danger, your asset allocation should reflect that outlook, according to a new study from Mercer, the consulting firm

Expert in institutional investments, focussing on German regulated investors (e.g. Pensionskassen, Pensionsfonds, Versorgungswerke etc.) as well as Corporate investors. Proficient in ALM, strategic asset allocation, real estate, private markets and multi-asset strategies. Aiming to become expert in sustainable finance, currently striving for. Investment consultant specialising in strategic reviews, asset allocation, manager selection and spending policies Investment Consultant at Mercer View profile View profile badge • Mercer to update climate risk assessment with the alternate investment strategies • Mercer to provide a climate risk assessment report with recommendations on integrating consideration of climate change risks covering: - investment policy and strategy - asset allocation (including potential new allocations

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Strategic Asset Allocation is the process of selecting a particular mix of asset classes with the intent to hold onto that allocation for a long time (10+ years). Many passive investors who use indexing and other passive investment vehicles choose a strategic asset allocation strategy. Strategic asset allocation tends to go hand-in-hand with Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). This ideology states. ERA is prominently linked to strategic asset allocation (SAA) by means of a common time frame (i.e., the long-term horizon for the assessment). In this context, the question that this research seeks to address is how to consider environmental risk in the SAA of IRs. For that, this study also discusses climatic physical and transition risks to which CBs are exposed as managers of IRs. A.

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Using economic assumptions developed by its strategic research group, Mercer has projected the returns of the typical endowment or foundation, invested as per the median asset allocation shown above, over the next 10 years. For comparison purposes, this asset allocation was modified to a more diversified asset allocation, where some of the equity allocation is replaced with a more diversified. Strategic asset allocation is part of the management of investors. Tactical asset allocation and security selection are part of the management of investments. Financial advisers provide great. Whether it's our global asset allocation team to handle big-picture strategic issues or our regional teams to handle local regulations, we're able to provide solutions that scale to our clients' needs. For multinational organisations, Mercer provides consistent management and execution regardless of the country or specialty It is in this context that the collaborative group came together to look at the implications of climate change for strategic asset allocation. Led by Mercer, fourteen global institutional investors, IFC and the Carbon Trust all joined forces to examine what climate change might mean for the underlying drivers of the major asset classes and regions around the world. Grantham LSE/Vivid Economics. 1. Asset allocation is the most important decision. Asset allocation strategy is the primary driver of investment returns and risks. 2. Risk and return are related. To obtain returns, some amount of risk must be taken. However, higher risk does not always lead to higher returns. In other words, risk taking does not guarantee that additional.

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strategic asset allocation process/decision. This approach would predetermine the required liquidity of the real asset allocation, which could be implemented through both unlisted and listed fund options. The demand for real assets and the overall development of the asset class have led to the availability o AXA IM's approach to Climate Change Strategic Asset Allocation (2) - Climate Change is not impacting investment assets in an equal manner. In this research, we present an approach based on current carbon-intensity data and a climate-related typology of assets to enable a strategic asset allocation exercise consistent with a +1.5°C trajectory. Our simulations show that incorporating into the. Why investors should ramp up the integration of climate in their strategic asset allocation decisions. Global warming poses a range of both physical and transition risks as the energy sector shifts from fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives. Climate science has shed light on the needed efficiency gains to keep the global temperature rise by the end of the century at +1.5°C compared to the. Press release - Business Industry Reports - New Profitable Report on Asset Allocation Consulting Market With Top Profiling Companies like NEPC, Bain & Company, Trust Point, Deloitte, Booz, Mercer.

Thinking of strategic asset allocation in terms of diversifying across sources of risk, rather than via asset classes, and embedding qualitative factors into decision-making processes is recommended. We note that particularly following the recent financial crisis, this approach has gained significant traction among Mercer clients and the industry, the study continued. Mercer's initial. The Impact of Climate Change on Asset Allocation 1. 17 May, 2011The Impact of ClimateChange on Asset AllocationJelle BeenenWill Oulton 2. Integrating systemic risks into strategic decisionmaking What did we learn from the global financial crisis? More 'what if' critical thinking is required Need to think long-term and strategically Risk is. Mercer's European Asset Allocation Survey gathers investment information from nearly 1,100 institutional investors across 14 European countries, reflecting total assets of around €930 billion. The report also highlights that institutional investors have, in the main, retained allocations to emerging markets, despite a sustained period of disappointing performance since 2013. It is.

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Data 2.1 Description of Institutional Fund Dataset This study uses monthly fund and benchmark returns as well as both strategic benchmark and asset allocation data for a sample of 51 institutional Australian growth and balanced funds and 29 capital stable funds provided by Mercer Investment Consulting (hereafter Mercer IC). The Mercer IC Manager Performance Analytics 4 (MPA) database is. Mercer Super Trust (refer diagram below) including: Advice to the Trustee on appropriate investment options using both Mercer and in some cases, non-Mercer funds and advice on strategic asset allocation and objectives for each option ; Advice to the Trustee on the most appropriate MySuper default investment options Senior Associate. Mercer. يناير 2013 - ‏أبريل 20218 من الأعوام 4 شهور. Dubai, UAE. Investment Consultant advising Middle Eastern institutional clients, including sovereign wealth funds, central banks, family offices, pension funds, endowments and foundations on a wide range of issues such as: - Strategic Asset Allocation investment products, asset classes or capital markets discussed. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Mercer's ratings do not constitute individualized investment advice. Information contained herein has been obtained from a range of third party sources. While the information is believed to be reliable, Mercer has not sought to verify it independently. As such, Mercer makes no. Macquarie Group. 2008 - Oct 20146 years. Sydney, Australia. Key Responsibilities: > Conducting strategic asset allocation analysis for multi-asset portfolios. > Building and implementing a tactical asset allocation process for multi-asset portfolios. > Presenting to client boards and liaising with its officers to tailor investment solutions

Asset Class Strategic allocation Asset benchmark index; Liability hedging instruments - UK conventional and index-linked Gilts - Interest rates and inflation swaps - UK gilt repurchase agreements - Exchange Traded Derivatives - Sterling corporate bonds from government backed institutions and Sterling corporate bonds from systemically important institutions with very high financial. This report presents the analysis and results of the asset liability modelling study and the strategic asset allocation review carried out by the Fund's advisers Mercer. This review follows on from the Fund's 2016 Triennial Actuarial Valuation. The purpose of the review is to assess the ability of the current funding and investment strategy to close the deficit gap, as well as fund future. investment manager; Mercer detailing investment and rebalancing options available to the Fund. Recommendations: In respect of the investment options available to the Fund, the Pensions Committee are recommended to: Consider and agree to recommendations of the Fund's investment adviser discussed in part B of this meeting. Consider and agree to a strategic asset allocation to Infrastructure. Our latest Thinking & Insights. Welcome to Mercer Insights where you can explore our thinking on global events, local trends, and policies affecting todays organisations - from regulatory changes to innovative strategies for health, wealth and career. #superannuation. SUPERANNUATION. #wealth. WEALTH & INVESTMENTS

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