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Global Consumer Lifestyles Trends Report 2021: Consumer Values and Behaviour Impacting Business / Shifting Spending and Shopping Habits / Corporate Strategy Insights - ResearchAndMarkets.co Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2021 From Self-Sterilizing Face Masks to Protective Athletic Masks Amy Duong — January 30, 2021 — Autos The 2021 lifestyle trends range from innovative designs that elevate one's day-to-day living in a variety of ways 2021 State of the Market: Key Industry & Consumer Trends 2020 Consumer Trends That Will Continue to Impact Brands in the New Year. With daily activities such as work, school,... Accelerated Consumer Behaviors. The disruptive impact of COVID-19 on everyday life has accelerated the adoption of... The. The year itself and a great deal of 2021 have brought with them significant uncertainty. As we start to recalibrate our lives, understanding the consumer has never been more important. And so in partnership with Canvas8, we have updated our Consumer Lifestyle Trends to reflect the changes emerging in the world today and to anticipate what changes may be coming in the months and years ahead

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  1. ierenden Trend, meint die Cosmopolitan. Angelehnt an die großen Rock- und Punk-Künstler zeigen sich Modemädels jetzt im dunklen Leder- oder..
  2. 5 lifestyle trends that are defining 2021 1. Sustainability. The past few years have seen an increase in awareness of the environment and the need for sustainable... 2. Natural Remedies. Natural remedies are by no means a new invention, after all, natural remedies have been used since... 3..
  3. Here are the top 7 trends anyone working in the food and lifestyle industries should be paying attention to in 2021. Salty snack including peanuts, potato chips and pretzels

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  1. So, let's explore six healthy lifestyle trends we're going to see in 2021! 1. Consumer Interest in Sustainability and Transparency. Few things are as encouraging as a societal shift toward creating a cleaner and safer planet for the future. And that's exactly what's happening
  2. Consumers have gone from seeing a bright future ahead to feeling pessimistic - and this backlash will ensure our green values remain a hot topic through 2021. The environment will get better in the next 6 month
  3. 10 Consumer Trends We're Watching in 2021 1. Shifting Priorities. Since the onset of COVID-19, consumers have purchased for the here and now, seeking ways to... 2. Older Shoppers Grow Accustomed to E-commerce. In the early weeks of social distancing, it was expected that older... 3. Flexible.
  4. 3 Top Consumer Trends for Marketers to Watch in 2021 Consumers will shift from public to private ways of living. The pandemic and its accompanying economic and societal... Wealth gaps may lead to adjustments in consumer spending. Attitudinal differences between affluent consumers and... Equality.
  5. The Consumer Lifestyle Trends represent the biggest trends shaping people's lives over the next 3-5 years. Learn about how these trends are affecting the food and drinks industries and how you can better prepare for the future needs and desires of consumers
  6. Healthy is a major consumer expectation of plant-based products. Adding fiber, whole-grains, fruits, and vegetables can help future-proof. Build the nutrition of dairy back into dairy-alternatives to avoid creating nutrient gaps in consumer diets
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The COVID-19 pandemic created, influenced or accelerated each trend. In 2021, consumers: • Expect purpose-driven initiatives that support the triple bottom line—people, planet and profits (Build Back Better). Nearly 70% of professionals expect consumers to be more concerned about sustainability than before COVID-19 Emerging consumer trends redefining business in 2021 Opportunities to retool products, services and operations to meet these needs Strategies to build a resilient and adaptable busines Here are 9 emerging trends in consumer behaviour for 2020-2021. 1. Livestreaming + Shopping = Shopstreaming. Viya is China's star saleswoman with a $60 billion ecosystem of live online shopping. She is 34 years old and in May 2020, she hit a record-high audience of more than 37 million, more than the Game of Thrones finale or the Oscars

4 Funds to Play as Digital Lifestyle Changes Consumer Trends. Contributor . Zacks Equity Research Zacks Published. Jun 1, 2021 10:58AM EDT. While it is true that the pandemic has accelerated. We're steadily moving towards people-first, car-free urban environments that prioritize wellbeing. In 2021, it's high time to contribute to laying a foundation for this revolution. Opportunities include micro-mobility, urban farming and strengthening local communities

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2021 will be a pivotal year, says Alison Angus, head of lifestyles at Euromonitor International. Tailoring strategies to these emerging consumer trends will empower businesses to endure. CONSUMER INSIGHT 2021 POLARIZED CONSUMERS AND DEMAND FOR EMPATHY Young people are rejecting the perfectly curated feeds on Instagram in favor of an authentic and unfiltered aesthetic. Everyone has their own vision, own ideas that demand the more personalized service offering in the polarized society The May 2021 lifestyle trends deliver products and services that are seamless additions to consumers' daily lifestyles. There are progressive designs that are centered around convenience, sustainability, and many other purposes. One of the lifestyle trends this month is the airKAVE portable. It is an antiviral air sanitizer that improves the quality of indoor air with its advanced technology. Consumer Trends 2021 Introduction Driven by the digital revolution, the retail industry is going through a transformation - one that has completely altered the shopping experience for the modern consumer. According to the third annual Digital Consumer Study, almost 50% of consumers report having performed shopping-related tasks on their mobile phones in the past three months. Consumers surveyed say that they use digital technology to research, browse and purchase, sometimes all on the same. 7 consumer trends that will define the digital economy in 2021. Mercedes Cardona December 7, 2020. While few will say they'll miss 2020 when it's over, the events of the past year - read: the pandemic - will continue to shape consumer behavior and, in turn, the way brands market to them in 2021. Roadmaps totally went out the window.

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In 2021, affluent consumers will increasingly ask luxury brands to demonstrate tangible and meaningful benefits of data sharing - expecting more personalisation and perks in exchange for giving up some level of privacy. Interactive innovations: AR, VR, live streaming and mor 2021 will be a pivotal year, said Alison Angus, head of lifestyles at Euromonitor International. Tailoring strategies to these emerging consumer trends will empower businesses to endure. -Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021, Euromonitor International. Euromonitor International's Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 report says the pandemic helped to establish, influence, or escalate each of their trends. Emerging habits accelerated, and how we now behave, spend and consume will never be the same, the Euromonitor trends report states. We want new ways to make. Wellness, Outdoor Lifestyle and Casualwear to Remain Key Trends in 2021 Jane Hali & Associates released its top trends report, which revealed key consumer themes for the first half

Our crystal-ball view of consumer trends for 2021. We've crunched the latest numbers and plucked out the trends that matter. Here's what you need to know about the year ahead. Get the full report. 01. There's no place like home. Many predicted that COVID-19 would mean the death of the city. If you can work from home, why not move to the countryside? But actually, most countries are still. A snapshot of consumers: their priorities, lifestyle, tech, and finances; Extensive insights into the growth of Amazon and ecommerce; Trends in consumer behavior, preferences, and attitudes towards brands; Download the report . About the report. Methodology. Between January 26-29, 2021, Jungle Scout conducted an anonymous survey among a panel of 1,005 U.S. consumers about their buying. Many of the March 2021 lifestyle trends are products or services that bring convenience or added functions to the consumers' existing routines. They are seamlessly integrated to offer an elevated experience or more efficient approaches. One of the notable example is the Pick 'N Peel stones, which help those experiencing stress and anxiety calm. Dietary Lifestyle Report, March 2021. Date: March 01, 2021. Report Download PDF. New global research from Bord Bia on the dietary lifestyles of over 18,000 people across 9 countries, including Ireland, has highlighted that consumers are taking a more balanced approach to their diets and are purchasing more conscientiously than ever before

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These efforts uncovered five global mega trends—including lifestyle evolution, wellness and cultural shifts—and identified 14 macro trends in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (APMEA). We compiled our findings to identify emerging trends that will dominate 2021 in the region, and quite possibly food and beverage trends around the world. Here are our predictions 2021 will be the year of transition. Barring any unexpected catastrophes, individuals, businesses, and society can start to look forward to shaping their futures rather than just grinding through the present. In this article, we identify some of the trends that will shape the next normal. Then we discuss how they will affect the direction of. February 17, 2021 January 22, 2021 by David Cirillo New Year, New Lifestyle Mindset The perennial mindset of New year, new you, new diet isn't quite the same in 2021 : T he pandemic is still on the rise, many people are still working from home, avoiding crowded places, and trying to keep up with their kids' virtual schooling

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21 consumer trends for 2021 with innovation opportunities, from TrendWatching's content team. Free Trends; Platform; Bespoke; Academy; About; Contact Us; Log in; Get in touch! We're on hand to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. EMEA Contact our London office Email +44 (0)20 7251 6811. Americas Contact our New York office Email +1 (646) 762-2995. APAC Contact our. Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2021 Spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor pursuits, digital convenience and safety obsession are seen having a lasting impac It's here! For what feels like forever, 2020 has been every trend watcher's near-mythical time horizon. Now, we're about to live it. New challenges - and huge new opportunities! - are ahead. So here are five key emerging consumer trends to supercharge your planning Retail Trends 2021. Following a year like no other. 2020 proved to be a tough year for the retail sector and while we look forward to a better year, a second wave of the COVID-19 virus has pushed back the prospect of a consumer-led recovery to the second half of the year. Retail sales proved resilient in 2020 This 2021, marketers are now looking at various factors to keep with the competition. To do that, they need to think and adapt new strategies to new business trends. Although they might look impressive, sometimes it isn't necessary. It is important to stay up to date with the constant changes in business trends. That's why we have compiled.

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McKinsey & Company released its China consumer report 2021. Understanding Chinese Consumers: Growth Engine of the World, which explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed Chinese consumption. The report also touches upon key trends that are currently shaping the Chinese economy Juni 2021 - Qualtrics, (NASDAQ: XM), der führende Anbieter von Customer-Experience-Lösungen und Pionier im Bereich Experience Management, veröffentlicht den 2021 Global Consumer Trends. Not too long ago, consumer trends were leaning toward health and wellness and plant-based alternatives. But with the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19), consumers shifted their focus to safety, individually wrapped packages, value-added family bundles and comfort foods. Now, it's hard to imagine eating any other way. The longer consumers have to adapt to a new normal, the more. Innova Market Insights, food trend specialists for over 25 years, unveils its annual Top Ten Trends report. The comprehensive report equips manufacturers, retailers and brands with the latest insights to drive innovation and answer current consumer demands. Innova Market Insights' Top Ten Trends for 2021 provides an in-depth delve into how the food and beverage industry has progressively evolved

The way we eat (and what we eat) is about to change in 2021. After all, 2020 changed a lot of things, including the pattern of food consumption which took a completely new route. As we redraw the outlines of this new generation consumer behaviour, four emerging new needs have been trending. And, with that being said, there's a need for. The 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study provides important insights that can help companies prioritize and better position their business strategies and investments in the year to come. For more details on emerging automotive industry trends, download the full report. 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study: Global focus countries The COVID-19 pandemic prevented CES 2021 from being hosted in person this year, forcing the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to transition to its first-ever all-digital CES. Over 2,000 companies, including 700 startups from 37 countries, attended the event. At CES, the CTA unveiled its top tech trends to watch for 2021. The coronavirus. Digital lifestyle changes among various age groups and demography are driving consumer trends across sectors such as e-commerce, restaurants, entertainment, gaming and social medi

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CONSUMER TRENDS 2021. The impact of COVID-19 heralds a 2021 consumption model influenced by emotional and organizational stress. The trauma caused by the pandemic and its transformational power over factors the population considers priorities will put the emotion economy front-and-center in brand relationships more than ever before Lifestyle. 12:00 AM, June 07, 2021 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, June 07, 2021 . The altering consumer trends in milk consumption. Most people, if not all, may agree that our former generations. The trend was really a form of lifestyle eating. When the protein trend boomed, low carb became a feature of the bigger trend. Innova Market Insights' top five trends for 2021 are: 1. Transparency Triumphs. The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 reveals that six in ten global consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from

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Trends. for 2021. and Beyond. The world changed in 2020, and now chocolate makers around the world must innovate to meet accelerating consumer needs in confectionery and snacking. These include increased attention to emotional well-being, healthier lifestyles, provenance, craftsmanship, sustainability, and the explosion of at-home occasions Trends towards health and wellness, plant-based and clean label will continue next year, but the need for food businesses to innovate is greater than ever, says consumer research. Tomorrow's consumer is being shaped by a number of 'macro forces' that food businesses cannot ignore, according to research from consultancy MMR Research 2021 Lifestyle Trends. Lifestyle trends in the past tended to revolve around travel, food and drink, entertainment and fashion. The 2019 Topics and Trends report highlighted trends outside of the. ISPO Textrends: These Are the Mega Trends for Spring/Summer 2021. Share article . A shift in performance and functionality features for the spring/ summer offering in materials, as a bigger push for outdoor applications appeals to a wider range of consumer, both from a lifestyle perspective to seasoned professionals. We show the three textile megatrends for spring / summer 2021 and invite all.

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Here then are some of the wellness trends to watch out for in 2021, and adapt to your lifestyle and routine: MORE FROM THIS SECTION view all. How the pandemic taught me to be patient . The secret trick to getting the most out of your workout. Meet Grace, the healthcare robot created by the pandemic. Three excellent YouTube fitness trainers you should follow. Slow, deep and from the nose: James. M'sian Brands, Get A Head Start For 2021 With These 5 Consumer Trends Found By Google. Google released a report that analysed the rising searches of 2020 to find consumer trends businesses in Malaysia should know for 2021. Entrepreneur . Faye Lee | MY . Published 2020-12-28 13:44:31 . 0 . This year has pushed brands in various industries to come up with pivots or ideas to keep surviving in. Consumer Trends | February 1, 2021 | Danny Klein. Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut was among the early curbside adopters. Note: This is part two of a three-part series on the state of the restaurant industry in 2021. Read the first part, on the future of guest demand, here, and the second part, on technology and hospitality, here. Pivot became a tired term in the months following COVID-19's. The top travel trends for 2021, according to experts. From social-distancing holidays to big bucket list trips. By Roshina Jowaheer. 14/05/2020. Armchair travel might be the only way for us to. Innova Market Insights' top trends for 2021 are in response to the ever-evolving and consumer-centric food and beverage industry. Innova Market Insights anticipates leading trends and provides.

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The global consumer electronics repair and maintenance market reached a value of nearly $16,520.0 million in 2020, having increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% since 2015. The. Godrej unveiled the fourth edition of Godrej Food trends report 2021 through a virtual launch. The Godrej Food Trends Report 2021 is a holistic guide covering trends such as Dining-in, Dining-out. Here are 10 skincare trends that will be huge in 2021. Advertisement. 1. Skinimalism. According to Pinterest Predicts, one of the biggest skincare trends this year will be skinimalism There is little precedent to help us understand how COVID-19 might shape consumer trends, especially in light of the technology that has emerged since the last global pandemic event in 1918

Research highlights the long-term consumer trends that would shape the next decade. Published June 4, 2021, 7:48 AM. by MB Technews. Increased dependence on technology, new concepts of identity, a demand for real experiences and a rise in consumer rating are some of the top priorities of consumers in the next 10 years, according to the dentsu Consumer Vision 2030: The Age of Inclusive. Understanding Consumer Trends and Panel Integrity During the Time of COVID-19. Media 04-09-2021. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread, and the effects across lives and industries will be long lasting. Consumers, forced at home for extensive periods last year, looked to media—in all of its forms—for news, entertainment and solace. But the media industry, just like all. As shopping online has become the norm in the 21st Century, consumer demands for convenience and speed continue to rise. Retailers are implementing new ways to capture this new generation of shoppers while reinventing their brands to appeal to a digital marketplace. As you consider your strategy for this rapidly-evolving digital world, here are ten key trends and statistics to help guide your.

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2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report. Welltodo's 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report has launched - exploring the eight key consumer trends we predict will impact the trajectory of the global wellness industry over the coming year. And the pockets of opportunity that exist within this exciting new landscape. Uncovering and interpreting insights ranging from how values and behaviours. With Chinese consumer behaviour changing rapidly by culture and technology, these are five trends you should know now. 5 consumption trends to watch out for in China in 2021 Hom The trends won't affect all consumer markets and product categories equally. For instance, advanced robotics is making headway in Asia but is yet to take off in South America or Africa. Companies should bear such nuances in mind when determining which trends are most relevant to their own situations. To prepare for low-predictability trends—those on the far-left side of Exhibit 2—the. Consumer Index April 2021. Hier geht es zum aktuellen Consumer Index für den Monat April 2021. Mehr erfahren 01.06.2021 Reports Am Markt- und Konsumentenpuls: GfK Podcast Episode #2. Wollen Sie den Puls der Konsumenten spüren? In unserem Podcast stellen wir die aktuellen Ergebnisse des Consumer Trends Report vor. Hören Sie sich die neue Episode an und laden Sie sich hier den Teaser zum. Related: Whole Foods Market predicts these top 10 food trends will skyrocket in 2021 The global health crisis has changed consumer preferences in new and unexpected ways, says Vince Macciocchi, president, Nutrition. We are seeing a heightened demand for foods and beverages that support immune systems, enhance our mood and reduce our environmental impact, driven in part by emerging human.

From sports enthusiast to lifestyle consumer. Kerry said that there has been a shift in demand for functional beverages, which were previously associated with sports enthusiasts. Increasingly, what the company terms 'lifestyle consumers' are also entering the category. Kerry defines this consumer group as inclusive of healthy agers, vegans and vegetarians, and millennial women. These. Future Consumer 2021 Friday 17 January — 15:00 - 15:30 The retail lab Description. The future is brighter than you think. Looking ahead to 2021, there are undoubtedly challenges coming our way. Amid the gloom, the consumer sentiments WGSN sees emerging are uplifting and positive. Meet the people who are better than the world around them. Participants. Lisa White Head of Lifestyle & Interiors. Five skincare trends set to take 2021 by storm; Five skincare trends set to take 2021 by storm From following basic skincare routine to choosing homegrown brands, here's what you can expect from the beauty industry this year. Written by Shambhavi Dutta | New Delhi | Updated: January 24, 2021 11:02:51 am. Consumers are choosing to slow down and that is changing not only the marketing but also. In The 2021 Topics and Trends Report From Facebook IQ, we analyze four regions—Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America—and eight countries within them, delving into conversation topics that gained momentum on Facebook and Instagram and assessing the habits and interests these reflect.. This year's report explores how the major changes of the last year have affected. All the Best Wedding Fashion Trends You Can Expect to See in 2021 We're officially headed into peak wedding season, and while every couple likes to incorporate individual details into their.

Lifestyle Food Trends in 2021 1. Pantry Meals. Born of quarantine cooking and making ends meet, 2020 found more and more people familiarizing themselves with the ingredients they already had on hand. With the luxury of restaurant meals and well-stocked grocery shelves in limbo, people learned how to shop their pantries and transform overlooked canned and dry goods into filling, delicious meals. Not dissimilar from a mountain breeze, consumer trends in the outdoor industry can be fickle and ever-changing. To avoid missing the winds of change, we've rounded up a handful of the top trends influencing outdoor consumer behaviour today, paired with initiatives by brands who aren't relying on existing customer segmentation and traditional outdoor marketing to keep pace with the evolving. The Tech Trends that Will Impact Business in 2021 Kevin Dewald is a technology entrepreneur from Argentina with a career involved in Human-Computer Interaction and the Internet of Things. His academic background is in Electronics Engineering and Strategic and Technological Direction. Some of his past experiences include co-founding Nerve Wearables - a startup with a mission to enable people to. Collective displacement, do-it-yourself innovation and empathy challenge are among the prevailing trends that could shape business, consumer behaviour and society in 2021, according to a report by.

Dentsu Looks At Evolving Consumer Trends To 2030 - 03/19/2021. The research is based on in-depth interviews with futurists, academics, authors and other experts, as well as multiple proprietary. Baby boom and cautious spending are among the 12 top trends that will shape consumer behavior this year, according to a study. Kantar, world's leading data, insights and consulting company, has identified the top 12 trends that will impact how consumers navigate the new normal in shopping this 2021 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2021 The smartest entrepreneurs, strategists and product developers read the 10 Key Trends report when they want to understand how shifting consumer beliefs in health and nutrition will change the market and create opportunities. And this is the only trend analysis that sets out what strategies companies are following and what the risks and. The Top Trends are identified through Euromonitor's international coverage from industry market analysis to quantitative global consumer surveys. We prompt our analysts internally in each of our industry verticals and poll the expert teams for their insights. We build a database of emerging trends and mine our trade interviews. We take those. The Covid-19 pandemic created, influenced or accelerated each of these trends. 1. Build back better: In 2021, consumers expect purpose-driven initiatives that support the triple bottom line.

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Discover eight of the most interesting skincare trends 2021 will offer. From no-touch treatments to online dermatology, these are the 2021 skincare trends to be on your radar next year In Consumer Health, with our portfolio of leading and trusted brands, we offer people around the world convenient and effective everyday health solutions. We combine scientific expertise with world-class brands and have shown our ability time and time again to invent and reinvent ourselves to adapt to changing consumer needs and societal trends Four petcare trends set to take 2021 by storm. By Mike Foster, founder and creative director, Straight Forward. 2021-02-22T08:59:00+00:00. No comments. Lockdown has profoundly affected our buying habits as a country - most notably, the pet owner market. One-third of young adults aged 24 to 35 now have a pet in their household, according to a Covid-19 survey from Pet Food Manufacturers. Poland 2021 Global Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report; UK 2021 Global Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report; Europe 2019. Denmark 2019 Supplement/OTC/Rx Report; France 2019 Supplement/OTC/Rx Report ; Germany 2019 Supplement/OTC/Rx Report; Italy 2019 Supplement/OTC/Rx Report; Poland 2019 Supplement/OTC/Rx Report; Asia/Pacific. Asia/Pacific 2021. China 2021.

CES 2020: Top Tech & Lifestyle Trends. Jan 15, 2020 . By Claire Lancaster. WGSN Original Image . 5G, the smart home and next-gen food; these are just a few of the top consumer tech trends straight from the show floor at CES 2020 in Las Vegas - the biggest and most influential technology trade show in the world. 5G. While the tech industry has teased 5G for years, the next generation of. Learn about 4 sustainable business trends to shape our world in 2021: Eco-products, ESG-Investing, Renewables and Net-zero companies. shows that despite sustainability-marketed products are just 16% of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, they delivered 54% growth (2015-2019). Moreover, consumers are willing to pay a significant price premium of 39.5% vs conventional products. Younger. The pet industry is booming. According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.9 million homes, and the numbers are only rising due to the surge in pet adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. And if you ask any pet parent they're likely to say the same: Their furry friends are like family members Companies in the Zacks Household Appliances industry have been witnessing strong momentum from strong consumer demand trends for kitchen and home appliances, driven by the pandemic-led. Top Corporate Governance Trends for 2021 This year, as in the previous five years, Russell Reynolds Associates interviewed over 40 global institutional and activist investors, pension fund managers, proxy advisors and other corporate governance professionals to identify the UK corporate governance trends that will impact boards and directors in 2021

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Insights Automation firm quantilope releases its inaugural 2021 Food and Beverage Trends report.. The quantilope reports surveyed 500 US consumers (ages 18. Naturally, this setback affects craft beer trends in 2021. How so? It's a mixed bag. Many trends in place before 2020 froze for lack of innovation during the difficult year of Covid. On the other hand, the pandemic altered consumer tastes and buying habits. Breweries adapted accordingly. That's why we see 2021 as a blend of what worked. Esports and Live Streaming Trends 2021. 1. Mobile Esports Enter the Upper Echelon: As consumer appetite for mobile esports continues to grow in China, Southeast Asia & Latin America, mobile esports will continue to subvert expectations in the once-PC-dominated market. 2 Home » Features » 2021 hospitality and travel trends. 2021 hospitality and travel trends. Eloise Hanson December 2, 2020 Share on facebook. Facebook Share on twitter. Twitter Share on linkedin. LinkedIn BHN news editor Eloise Hanson outlines six travel trends expected to shape boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotels next year. 1. Anywhere workers find their anyplace office. Covid-19 has.

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