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  1. Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability. Import wallet. New wallet. Connect Ledger. DirectAuth. Import wallet. Import an existing wallet using your encrypted keystore file, seed words or fundraiser credentials. New wallet . Create a new HD wallet on the Tezos blockchain and safely record your seed words to backup your accounts. Connect Ledger.
  2. Import Wallet From Keystore Launch the Kukai Wallet app Select Import Wallet from the start page Browse for a previously created encrypted keystore file Enter the password which was used to encrypt the keystore fil
  3. Launch the Kukai Wallet Launch the app by typing 'https://kukai.app' into your browser's address bar. Alternatively you can use the 'Launch... Select New Wallet from the start page
  4. Once activated, go to Import wallet -> Retrieve wallet and provide the full wallet information. After you do that correctly, Kukai will ask you to provide an additional password to encrypt your Kukai wallet, which contains your private key (among other things)
  5. The Kukai wallet has been somewhat of a revelation since it announced that it had added DirectAuth support in late October 2020 with version 1.9. Kukai was launched in 2018 and has consistently won praise from the community, but has gained significant additional traction and usage due to the ease of use in the 1.9 upgrade
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As of November 2020, Kukai Wallet for Tezos holders supports DirectAuth, a fast sign-up system for Google, Reddit and Twitter accounts. This allows users to transfer XTZ tokens using social media s instead of long and complex addresses. This simplifies the use of Kukai wallets and provides quick access: using DirectAuth, you can log into the wallet in literally one click. Today's guide. One of China's largest mobile wallet, integrated Tezos and is an active baker Kukai is an open source web wallet for Tezos. It allows users to store their tez, manage multiple accounts, send transactions and delegate to bakers. As a web wallet, we can provide easy onboarding for new users to the ecosystem and respond quicker to resolve issues in availability, while still offering high security solutions like Ledger (and.

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Galleon wallet is a deployment of Tezori. It is an open-source wallet framework for Tezos tokens, which supports both hardware and software wallets in eight different languages. Galleon wallet is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux Tezbox is discontinued. Tezbox has not been updated for a while and is most probably not working. Thus, do not use Tezbox! Unless you are truly an expert and fully understand risks and consequences of using an outdated version of Tezbox, you can click on this dot . Kukai is a simple browser-based wallet that allows you to store, transfer, and delegate Tezos tokens (XTZ) to validators to generate passive staking income. To create a Tezos wallet, go to the..

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I made a test with the Kukai wallet, and it is much faster. Thanks! 7 comments. share. save. hide. report. 92% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1 · 1m. All the tokens are associated with your wallet address and stored on the blockchain. You don't need to migrate the assets per se. Kukai and Temple are different apps for accessing that wallet. Kukai Tezos Wallet. Das Kukai Wallet ist eine Online-Open-Source-Wallet zur Aufbewahrung von Tezos, die speziell für XTZ entwickelt wurde und somit Staking und Baking von Tezos unterstützt. Es bietet sowohl eine Desktop Version (Windows, Mac und Linux) als auch eine Web-Client, der von überall mit einer Internetverbindung bequem über den eigenen Browser aufgerufen werden kann. when you create a new wallet on kukai.app you are first asked to write down your seed words (15 words). This is an unencrypted backup of your wallet. After that you are asked to set a password, which is used to create an encrypted keystore (.tez) file How to add liquidity to the Quipuswap CVZA liquidity pool. Wallet Guides. How to buy CVZA with Temple Wallet In discussion with Klas

Last week, Tezos Commons and the Kukai Wallet team announced version 1.9 of Kukai, an open source web wallet for Tezos which lets users store their tez, manage multiple accounts, send transactions, and delegate to bakers.. The latest update introduces DirectAuth, which enables users to log in with one-click and be able to send tez to people by simply entering in their Google account email. A review on one of the best Tezos wallets out there, Kukai wallet. If you are looking for a delegation service, feel free to delegate to Tezos japan:https:.. Before you start minting on Tezos, you need a Tezos wallet with some funds in it. In previous guides we have covered using the Kukai Tezos wallet, which can be done by using your Twitter account. In this guide, we will instead cover a different, but very popular Tezos wallet - the Temple Wallet kukai-wallet / kukai. kukai-wallet. /. kukai. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more . If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again

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  1. Temple Wallet is an open-source and easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Tezos Ecosystem. Main advantages of the Temple Wallet: all information is stored only on your computer, the possibility to connect to Tezos Dapps, work with all FA 1.2 and FA 2 tokens, easy token delegation to bakers, multi-account support, regular updates
  2. Web wallet for the Tezos blockchain. Contribute to kukai-wallet/kukai development by creating an account on GitHub
  3. Kukai ist ein interessantes Open-Source-Wallet, mit welchem XTZ abgelegt, versendet und empfangen werden. Je nach persönlicher Anforderung kann Kukai als Desktop-Version verwendet oder als Web-Client ausgeführt werden. Kukai ist mit Windows, Linux und Mac kompatibel. Das Wallet unterstützt das Baking von Tezos, wodurch sich Nutzer ganz bequem zusätzliche Rewards einholen können. Private.
  4. Kukai 1.9 is phase 1 of 3 of our end of year roadmap, each release brings us closer to our vision of Kukai as an easily accessible community wallet that allows users to tap into the Tezos..
  5. Making a Tezos Wallet. Once you've added tez to your balance, it's time to get your cryptocurrency wallet that will enable you to collect on Hic et Nunc. Step 1) Visit https://www.hicetnunc.xyz and click 'Sync'. The system will offer you several wallet options. We use Kukai as an example - click on its icon and select 'New Wallet'
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  7. The Kukai wallet is great for use with a mobile phone and even allows for direct auth linking to your google, reddit, and twitter accounts. For an easy comparison you can look at QuipuSwap like a version of Uniswap but for the Tezos blockchain. Some functions users can perform on QuipuSwap: Swap - trade assets for eachother including non whitelisted assets. Send - swap assets and send them.

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  1. Kukai will send the receiver a message to notify that they have received XTZ on a Kukai wallet (email for Google accounts, or DM on Reddit and Twitter). The message will contain a link to the Kukai page that you've just visited yourself. Kukai makes use of DirectAuth, an open source and non-custodial key management system. (Non-custodial = they.
  2. ute at low transaction costs. The guide below shows you how to send 1 XTZ to a Twitter user
  3. Kukai can be run in the browser at kukai.app or as a standalone app. So, if you want delegate your XTZ using Kukai wallet you need do several steps. Step 1 Create a new account (or log into your wallet) at kukai.app. To create a KT account, there should be funds on the main account, since a commission of 0.257 XTZ is charged for payment
  4. Kukai. Kukai is a web wallet that uniquely employs DirectAuth, enabling users to to the wallet with one-click, using an established account from another platform (i.e. Login with Twitter, Login with Google) Web wallet only Ledger Compatible. Get Kukai . Magma (MOBILE) Magma is a revolutionary new Mobile wallet by camlCase. Magma is the first wallet to feature Dexter exchange (Tezos.
  5. Tezos Community. My Account on Tezos Capital Guides and Videos Forums. Video: How to use Kukai Wallet. The Kukai Wallet team comes from our community. They are committed to making Tezos awesome! Watch as Lotika demonstrates how to use their wallet. Jonas Lamis September 21, 2018
  6. Access your wallet Your wallet is already created. Just access it through https://wallet.kukai.app/ using one click- (DirectAuth) and your Twitter Account. Transaction . Perform at least one transaction using your wallet above. Ask for the support of the community, in case you need help. Get your Tezla reward Be one of our followers on Twitter and retweet one of our eligible tweets. You.

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Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability. Kukai supports HD wallets, Ledger connection and DirectAuth for one-Click with your Google, Reddit or Twitter account. Learn More. Spire. Spire is a light-weight Beacon enabled Browser Extension for simple interaction with Tezos dApps. Spire connects Desktop, Web, Mobile or Hardware Wallets like. You can use the Kukai wallet, in which you received your tez, in an incredibly easy way to send them along: You only have to specify the amount of tez, type of account, the correct username. Click on 'Preview' and send them. You will even get a link to notify the person you just sent to. But don't forget to add the #lunartez and https://lunartez.com. For example: Happy Lunar New Year! I sent. The Beacon wallet works with any wallet that supports the TZIP-10 standard (for example, the Beacon extension, Temple, or Kukai). This package is the recommended way of connecting your dapp to a wallet. In addition to being future-proof, it gives your users the freedom to choose the wallet they want. First, the BeaconWallet class must be imported Kukai. Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability. Kukai supports HD wallets, Ledger connection and DirectAuth for one-Click with your Google, Reddit or Twitter account. Web. Features. Direct Auth, Ledger Support, Delegation, FA1.2, FA2. Open


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Une fois que votre portefeuille est prêt, vous pouvez ajouter des tokens XTZ pour la délégation. Vous pouvez acheter des tokens sur Binance et les transférer sur votre wallet Kukai ou sur Zebitex.; Lorsque les tokens sont disponibles sur Kukai (comme le montre la figure suivante), vous pouvez cliquer sur le compte destiné à votre délégation Kukai (Web Wallet) ZenGo (Mobile Wallet für iOS und Android) Hardware Wallets. Ledger. Trezor. Ist Tezos eine Investition wert? Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels wird Tezos für 2,90 Dollar gehandelt. Gegenwärtig ist Tezos eines der faszinierendsten und vielversprechendsten Kryptowährungsprojekte wegen seiner On-Chain-Governance und seiner anderen Eigenschaften, von denen viele. The wallet is used to store your crypto while the vault is used to assign the transactions. AirGap provides the highest level of security with an instant build in an exchange where you can easily swap your tokens. Last but not least is that you can easily bake your Tezos (XTZ) tokens through Tezos AirGap by delegating. 10. Kukai Tezos Wallet Dee on Kukai - Tezos Open Source Wallet. Wallet has been fully translated in Japanese, Russian and French. Ongoing Korean, Danish and Turkish translation. We're on the lookout for anyone who can help us translate into more languages. If you know a second language and would like tezos wallet support in your native language then get in touch

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Kukai. Wallet for Tezos. Galleon. Wallet for Tezos. Delegate/Staking/委任 . ウォレットの作成とデリゲート(ステーキング・委任)の方法 〈ウォレットKukaiの場合〉 ウォレットの作成. ①webを開く Kukai. ②-1「DirectAuth」を選択してGoogleやTwitterアカウントでログイン→ウォレット完成 ⑦へ. ーーーーーーーーーーー. Kukai Wallet. A web based wallet for Tezos. Kukai can be run in the browser at kukai.app or as a standalone app. wallet mainnet. Electis. Non-profit organization aiming to promote new usage of technology for democracy and voting. Will organize a cross-university electoral vote in 2020 using a Tezos-based application. dapp mainnet. TezBridge. TezBridge is a connector between Tezos and DApps. It.

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Try restarting the App through the following steps: Go to your App Settings. Click stop on the afflicted App with the Force Stop button. Wait a few seconds to make sure the App has stopped processing, and then attempt to re-start it. Close the background running apps through the following steps Get a wallet. You have three choices. Temple Wallet, Galleon Wallet, Kukai Wallet TezTalks #14 - Kukai wallet. In discussion with Klass. In discussion with Klass. Tezos Commons. October 26, 2020 · TezTalks Radio Episode 12 is out! In this episode of TezTalks Radio, hosts Brian Li and William McKenzie discuss the recent Tezos Town Hall, growing open source communities through incentives, Tezos support on Google Cloud Platform's BigQuery, and more. https://lnkd.in/guTuTNU. Kukai Scan QR code with Beacon-compatible wallet. Learn more. Copy. Tezos Mandala. My Collection Explore Mandalas Migration Connect Wallet Get Mandala. Migration to Tezos Mandala v2. All Seed Unique Eye Tezos. All (0) No mandalas found :(#Buttonists. #TezosDeFiHackathon.

You can do this by getting a Kukai Wallet with your twitter account and then going to Hic et Nunc to mint art. Minting on Tezos is far far cheaper but they don't yet have as many collectors there but that might change. The final stage is promoting your art and this is the hardest thing to explain. Every artists journey is totally different and a big part of our Crypto Art journey has been. Im looking to mint an NFT and send it through Twitter handle. How do I that

Kukai can be run in the browser at kukai.app or as a standalone app. Create a new account (or log into your wallet) at kukai.app. To create a KT account, there should be funds on the main account, since a commission of 0.257 XTZ is charged for payment. Press New account button to create a new KT account. Step 2. Enter the amount you want to delegate. When you create a KT account, it will. click sync and Create a Kukai wallet and save your phrase on a piece of paper and add 5 tezos from any wallet that has tezos to Kukai Tezos address. Link Kukai to hicetnunc. And sync and press collect for 4 tezos. NFT link hicetnunc marketplace tezos. Trust the Five Rules of Creation (The Principles). Welcome to Super Soldier Training with Commander Z (Kosol) focusing on Lightbody Development. GOT wallet development; Launch of curated travel packages; Explore acceptance of other Tezos based tokens; Jun-Dec 2022. Partnering with hotels ; Market expansion strategies implementation; Explore further exchange listing opportunities; Exploring alternative payment solutions utilizing cryptocurrencies with partnering hotels; January 2023. Expand loyalty network across industries; Additional.

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we recommend Kukai Wallet. b. Otherwise. we recommend Temple Wallet. Both wallets will do the job. 4. Transfer your Tezos to this Wallet . Follow the steps in the video above. Keep in mind, the video features the transaction from the Binance Wallet. 5. Use the tool below to get freshly brewed Cervesas! One last step... Connect your Tezos Wallet above. Swap your Tezos Coins for Cerveza. You're. The Tezos Kukai wallet (https://kukai.app) is a convenient wallet that allows you to interact with any Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail account using an authentication feature through DirectAuth. In doing so, anyone can receive Tezos (XTZ / tez) in just one minute at low transaction costs. The guide below shows you how to send 1 XT Kukai _ A web wallet with Ledger support and HD accounts. Comes with advanced features like batch transactions. Temple Wallets. Temple Wallet is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Tezos ecosystem. Temple _ Temple Wallet is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Tezos ecosystem. Magma Wallets. Mobile Tezos wallet, available for Android and. Tezos Staking: die besten 7 Anleger und Wallets. Das Coin Staking liegt derzeit hoch im Trend und erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit bei Investoren weltweit. Während bei Bitcoin der Proof of Work Algorithmus das Mining voraussetzt, nutzen Kryptowährungen wie Tezos das sogenannte Staken (Proof of Stake) als Konsens-Mechanismus Kukai Wallet. If you already have a Gmail, Twitter, or Reddit accounts, you can have a Tezos wallet in seconds with Kukai. Create Kukai Wallet: Temple Wallet. If you prefer to access your NFTs on your desktop browser as an extension, one of the more reliable wallets is Temple. Make sure to SAVE your private key or seed phrase as these are not replaceable. Create Temple Wallet: When you buy an.

The top mobile wallets for this coin are Kukai Tezos Wallet and TezBox Wallet. Both are free to download and provide you with an easy-to-navigate interface. If you seek to make a major investment in XTZ or if you are planning on HODLing this crypto for long periods of time, a hardware wallet is the best option. Hardware wallets keep your crypto stored offline in cold storage. This. If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the race, it's not your tailpipe. It's just a little of shake and bake! Find out your expected rewards ~6-9 days after delegating. First rewards distributed ~36-39 days after delegating. Track your rewards with help from a 3rd party Kukai. Kukai is a web wallet that uniquely employs DirectAuth, enabling users to to the wallet with one-click, using an established account from another platform (i.e. Login with Twitter, Login with Google) Web wallet only Ledger Compatible. Get Kukai . Magma (MOBILE) Magma is a revolutionary Mobile wallet by camlCase. Magma is the first wallet to feature Dexter exchange (Tezos' answer. Good web wallets for Tezos include Temple Wallet and Kukai Wallet. I'm going to focus on Temple. Once you have installed the wallet and, most importantly, backed up your seed phrase somewhere safe (like an actual safe, the fireproof kind you can get at the department store), you can send your funds from the exchange where you bought XTZ. Click on your Temple extension in your browser, then.

View the profiles of people named Kai Wallet. Join Facebook to connect with Kai Wallet and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet. It means that you own your backup phrase and private keys, thus, you fully control your funds. We have no access to your wallet and your sensitive information. Your 12-words backup and private keys are stored locally on your device and strongly encrypted. Moreover, your funds are not located in the wallet itself, there are safely stored on. Kukai (Web wallet) ZenGo (Mobile wallet for iOS and Android) Hardware Wallets. Ledger (Obsidian Systems) Trezor; Is Tezos Worth the Investment? Currently, Tezos is one of the most intriguing and promising cryptocurrency projects because of its on-chain governance and self-amending features which many believe to be in accordance with Satoshi Nakamoto's blockchain philosophy. It's one of the. Web Wallet: Kukai, TezBox; Some of the popular wallet options include CorTez, TezBox, Kukai, and Tezos Blue. All the mentioned wallets are suitable for its mainnet. This could also help to trigger a broader adoption for XTZ in the future. Tezos Explorer and Blockchain Analysis Tools. At present, there is a huge demand for explorers and blockchain analysis tools in the crypto market.

Kukai. A Tezos wallet based on Security, Community and Reliability. Maple. A marketplace for users to invest in Crypto Bonds. Moon staking. A digital collectibles marketplace for Japanese blockchain games. Multis. Crypto-first business banking for companies. NFTStudio . A NFT market that sells IP content and creatives. NFTOPIA. NFT tools for serious NFT collectors. OpenSea. A marketplace for. First, you need to create a Tezos address in your Temple wallet. Temple is an FA 1.2 compatible wallet which will make it easier for you to view your SMAK tokens later. This will be the receiving address your SMAK will be sent to after the public sale. You can find a tutorial on how to add SMAK to your wallet here Kukai Wallet. Edit Profile on Hicetnunc. Tezos on Clubhouse. HICETNUNC.XYZ on Clubhouse. HIC ET NUNC on Clubhouse. Kalamint on Clubhouse. description. (Will be paid directly on your twitter account using @Kukai wallet) 8:02 PM · Mar 30, 2021. 13. 108. 2. 81. Leesanfr @Leesanfr1. Mar 30. Replying to @EliteChain @QuintenFrancois @kukai. I bet ! 1. 0. 0. 1. Leesanfr @Leesanfr1. Mar 30. 6$ April ! I wish Im wrong . 0. 0. 0. 2. faydez @19e9e75096844d5. Mar 31. Replying to @EliteChain @FullTezos @QuintenFrancois. Kukai (Web wallet, supports Ledger devices, has a DirectAuth feature) Galleon (Desktop wallet, supports Ledger devices, can also be used to mint wXTZ) Magma Wallet (Mobile wallet, very user friendly and easy to use, made by Camlcase, the same company that created Dexter.) In this guide we will look into using Dexter on a PC with the Temple.

How To Restore my kukai Wallet which is authorized with twitter. 2021.06.02 20:12 hciic How To Restore my kukai Wallet which is authorized with twitter. Is there any option for secret Keyphrase If I want to move my tokens etc to another wallet. submitted by hciic to tezos [comentarios] 2021.06.02. Web Wallet: Kukai, TezBox, Mobile Wallet: TezBox, Tezos.blue (iOS, Android, Windows) Desktop Wallet: Atomic Wallet, Kukai; As it is a pretty new entrant to the crypto market, finding a hardware wallet for Tezos is not possible as of now. Tezos' Future And Roadmap. I believe Tezos' future will exciting but before discussing the future, let us take a look at the history. Well, after Tezos. Kukai: Kukai is a desktop wallet that supports Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. A web interface is also available. Notably, it features offline transaction signing, which implements security in a manner similar to hardware wallets. Tezos.blue: Tezos.blue is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Like Tezbox, it can be used by developers to connect a wallet to an application. Galleon: Galleon is. @JoanieLemercier @FrellingHazmot @hicetnunc2000 @kukai First open your @Kukai wallet by following the instructions you got through Twitter DM. Then click the link in the Tweet I added. Now you're on @hicetnunc2000 and you need to click sync and confirm in Kukai. Then you can collect the NFT and confirm in Kukai again Hic Et Nunc (HEN) is a NFT marketplace built on the Tezos blockchain (https://www.hicetnunc.xyz)Tezos Wallets Temple Wallet - https://templewallet.com Kukai Wallet - https://wallet.kukai.app Steps to Deposit Tezos (XTZ

Phrases contain similar kukai boat from credible sources SIMILAR : The Striker[2] is a raft that was used by Portgas D. Ace. 1 Appearance 2 Abilities 3 History 3.1 Past 3.2 Alabasta Saga 3.3 Sky Island Saga 3.3.1 Ace's Great Blackbeard Search 3.4 Water 7 Saga 4 Merchandise 5 References 6 Site Navigation Striker is a waterproof, one-man, yellow raft shaped like a half crescent Kukai (Web) Magma (iOS, Android) Temple (Web) ZenGo (iOS, Android) Ledger (Hardware Wallets) Trezor (Hardware Wallets) We will make this guide based on the Temple wallet. Wallet Installation . Temple Wallet is a user-friendly browser extension wallet that one can use to work with the Tezos ecosystem. To install the wallet, go to the Temple Wallet website. Click on Install Now. The wallet is.

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This month's theme: diligence. Voting for The Haiku Foundation Monthly Kukai. Shortly after the conclusion of the submission period, an anonymous ballot comprising all submitted poems on that month's theme will be posted to Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation blog) on the THF site. Any reader of this ballot is eligible to vote for their favorite poems at this time Kukai Wallet (web wallet) tezos.blue (mobile wallet) In addition, software company Obsidian Solutions announced in July 2018 that it had released a Tezos Wallet application for the Ledger Nano S. For more tips on how to choose a good wallet, check out our cryptocurrency wallets guide. How Tezos works . Tezos is not only a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps), it. Read writing from Sasha on Medium. Every day, Sasha and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium Pengembangan wallet ini dibiayai langsung oleh Tezos Foundation. Galleon juga menggunakan Kata-kata Pemulihan untuk membackup wallet Anda. Jadi pastikan anda menyimpannya dengan hati-hati. Silahkan klik disini untuk mengunduh Cryptonomic . Ada beberapa wallet lainnya yang bisa anda gunakan seperti Kukai Wallet, Mangnum Wallet, Attomic Wallet. thesw4rm/amazon-books-scraper 0 . Scraper I've written in C++/C for the purposes of learning the language. Trying to make from scratch as well as with libraries so I can learn by doing

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A flow of brand-new artists has begun to mint NFTs on the Tezos blockchain which is the most cheap nft crypto.Some of the motivations back this combine the catching Tezos (XTZ) Price for today is $3.14, for the last 24-hours 25,016,792 XTZ's were exchanged with a trade volume of $78,594,454. It's currently traded on 33 exchange (s) and has 66 active market (s), the top two exchange pairs are tether & usd. The price is up by (4.85%) for the last 24 hours since i'm bored and there are no games about kutau, i jus made it ^_^ hope u guys lik this..... Okay, the rules are simple..... 1. you can add some Amuto, Tadamu, Ikutau, or others....

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